A Goddess Story: Mafe Pernalete

Mafe PernaleteOnce again, we stand before a powerful woman whose survival journey only inspires us to keep moving forward with our mission as a brand.

Mafe’s emotional recovery towards self-love and compassion opens the door to having new beginnings in life regardless of inevitable circumstances.

Our passionate conversation with Mafe expresses the strength of believing in yourself even during adversity. 

Cancer is a tunnel where you start to think there's no exit, and only with colors you will be able to see a better path.

Looking back at all the things you had to overcome. What was the hardest step throughout your journey?

The most difficult step in cancer was understanding that the disease was for me, that it came to give me a lesson in life and some self-love, at the time I was diagnosed with the cancer, I was very reluctant with the world and I complained about everything, I was always seeing the glass half empty when in reality it was overflowed with water, I understood that life is better seeing it with the eyes of love and that everything always has a solution.

What would you say to empower someone who has been recently diagnosed with Cancer?

Whether good or bad EVERYTHING HAPPENS, nothing is forever, even cancer, hair is just that, hair and also grows and a change of look like rock stars we always liked.

Color is the lens through which we see the world. It is a channel of energy that impacts our inner and outer world. Do you think that adding color to the frame of your face can generate positive emotions in both the person who uses it and the person who sees it?

Colors are life, even black and white because they are light and elegance, cancer is a tunnel where you think there is no way out and only with colors we can see that path better, it is easier to see a crab painted in colors than a sad and dull one.