Some people say, it is only when we go through darkness, when we shine the brightest. On today’s A Goddess Story, Michaela Raes, a beautiful, empowered woman is sharing her self-acceptance journey after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

We hope that her story inspires you as much as it did to us. Whether you’re struggling with cancer or not, whatever is going on in your life, remember that it doesn’t define you. 

Only you do.

Michaela C Raes

How did you discover you had breast cancer?

I credit my cat with having been the first to detect my tumor, as I first noticed it when she was kneading at my breast. She likes to curl up at my side in bed each night, and one night she was kneading her way down my side when I felt her hit something hard. I brushed it off at first, but she continued her nightly work at my breast for the next few weeks.

How old were you when you got your diagnosis and what were you scared the most?

In March of 2020, at the age of 28, I was diagnosed with stage IIB triple negative breast cancer. When I first received the diagnosis, I was devastated, terrified, and insecure. Amongst the fear of death, I also faced fears that the battle against breast cancer would steal my femininity and render me less appealing. 

What inspired you to create @BreastCancerBoudoir?

I felt particularly anxious about the prospects of baldness and scars and all of the other changes associated with diagnosis. I am now sharing my journey in hopes that newly diagnosed women do not have to fek the way I did

What did you learn from yourself during this journey?

I was pleasantly surprised that through breast cancer, I gained more confidence than I had before!

Which advice would you tell to women who have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer?

Do not fear what may be physically altered in this battle, and do not view any changes as a "loss." Open yourself up to the potential to grow, and appreciate your beautiful, strong body for carrying you through.