To love ourselves just the way we are is a life-long journey full of fear, obstacles, and sometimes rejection. Whether the challenges come from outside or not, it’s in our control how brave we want to be to overcome them!

Michelle Faraco, better known as @hi_moonchild, is a motivational speaker, mom, entrepreneur, and coach. Our co-founder Dr. Raul Storey engaged in an inspiring interview with her about alopecia and self-acceptance.

This beautiful conversation is for anybody that wants to feel more fulfilled and loved by themselves.

What is the hardest thing about having alopecia, and what motivated you to tell your story?

To be honest, my condition felt for a moment like a prison to me and those around me. My goal used to be to hide my alopecia from everybody. I remember not letting my wig get wet because then it would have been noticeable that I was wearing one. So, deciding to tell my story was not something that happened overnight. However, my aha moment was when I told Michelle Poller (@hellofears) my story. I also remembered talking to my husband about it with tears running down my face, and he was completely fine about it. I realized if he could love me the way I am, then I should do the same too, or even more!

How did you come up with the sentence “Quitarnos la peluca” (Remove our wigs), and what is the most challenging question we need to ask ourselves in front of the mirror?

We all have struggles, and the wig represented that for me. In my case, one of my biggest struggles was people confusing my alopecia with cancer, because being bald is not common! But everyone has insecurities. The wig is just something that doesn’t let you show your true self.

And about what we should ask ourselves. I still have those conversations all the time. So, more than anything is to be open with yourself and allow that inner chat to flow without continually judging what you’re saying. This is not about being fearless; it’s about being committed to stay in that path and be brave.

Which creative solutions would you tell someone with alopecia to feel better with themselves, and what do you practice often to keep your energy high?

Personally, I like astrology, and I’m learning more and more about it. I do yoga and try to meditate, even when I find it super hard sometimes! I’m very spiritual, and that helps me to stay present. 

I would recommend people to be patient and to show up for themselves! Think of all the things you would be doing differently if you didn’t have that one thing bothering you. Keep going until you feel comfortable showing yourself to the world the way you want to. Get ready for yourself first. 

One final thing you would like to share with our goddesses?

Remember, we are our best version when we accept ourselves. When you do that, the only thing that you’ll get from it is freedom. I promise you, if you do that, you’ll find purpose.

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