Sami Pickerns Smiling Collage


Only when we think we are strong God puts in our way a challenge – something bigger – to test us. To show us that what we think we are has no comparison with what we will become. 

This time, our Goddess Story comes from Sami Pickens, a pharmacist supervisor, a breast cancer survivor, and a woman full of drive, passion, and excitement for life. A joyful person with a beautiful soul.

This amazing goddess wants to share her story to inspire us all.

How old were you when you got your diagnosis, and how was that situation?

I was first diagnosed in April 2019 at 28 years old and later re-diagnosed in January this year. In both circumstances, I had breast cancer stage 1. 

The first time I was sore from doing push-ups when I felt a very small bump on my left breast. I promised myself if it was there in 2 weeks, I would call my OBGYN. Of course, at 28, I never thought it would actually be cancer. 

I was the picture of health at the moment of my diagnosis. I was feeling invincible until those words.

What did you learn about this process? Which advice would you give to our goddesses?

I think that at each step, I made educated decisions with my medical team. They were guided by my prayers to God. 

Of course, it will be hard. There will be a lot of days that are overwhelming and frustrating and will cause both physical and mental strain. But you can still absolutely do the things you love.

Do you think a turban could help women feel empowered during treatment?

I think it absolutely does for some women! It can give you the confidence to go out in public when completely bald.