A Goddess Story with Charlene Katzenback


Since the first moment we heard Charlene’s powerful story, we knew we had to share it and spread the love. We were inspired by her resilience, and her deep understanding of what staying positive can do for you. 

We will be sharing compelling stories about incredible Goddesses, and spread healing and loving energy to live a better and more fulfilling life.

Welcome you to “A Goddess Story.”

This was our conversation with the beautiful Charlene. Enjoy:

Looking back at all the things you had to overcome... What was the hardest step throughout your journey?

My breast cancer journey has been unique from the start, in that my diagnosis was only 18 months after losing my 21 yr old stepdaughter to Ewing's Sarcoma. Healing from her loss was especially hard for me as I was her primary caregiver. Then in October 2019, in a split second, I went from traversing grief and finding comfort in a new normal to shock and disbelief.  I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. How surreal!

I can’t discount the impact my daughter's passing had on my frame of mind going into treatment.  So much of what I was going through paralleled her journey too. This in itself both helped and hindered my mindset.  Above all that is involved with chemo, surgery, and radiation, my mindset was my biggest challenge.


What would you say to empower someone who has been recently diagnosed with Cancer?

I have learned A LOT about GRACE. A new diagnosis can be utterly frightening. Educate yourself but do not focus on stats, every type of cancer behaves differently, every person’s body reacts differently, you are unique, only God knows the final outcome. Listen and hear what your inner self-talk is saying to you, if you don’t like it, change the channel. Distract by DOING. Try to meditate, exercise, eat well, journal your thoughts and worries. Celebrate your wins! Do things that bring you joy such as gardening, painting, singing, or hiking.  I would highly recommend an oncology therapist. There are also multiple social platforms that have support groups full of invaluable information and treatment tips (keep in mind these groups can cause the opposite and overwhelm as well).

“Do you think that adding color to the frame of your face can generate positive emotions in both the person who uses it and the person who sees it?”

Absolutely! Think about those lazy days we’ve all experienced where you stay in your jammies until it's time for bed again, versus those days you shower, do your hair, dress sharply, and feel like a million bucks. While going through chemo you can experience fatigue, hair loss, lashes, brows, and all, at times I felt like Gollum lol. Wearing a colorful or beautifully patterned headpiece detracts from the loss of hair and reflects color onto your fatigued face, making your beautiful eyes pop! When you feel good, your vibe is positive and people pick up on that. Ultimately, only you can recognize where your mind is at and where it needs to be :)