Lives with a mission: Michelle Badillo

Lives with a mission: Michelle Badillo


Life comes with challenges. We all know that! But keeping a good attitude during hard times is the key to a healthy life. This time on Live With A Mission we wanted to connect with our Latinas Goddesses by doing this in Spanish.

We spoke about those important tools that help us go through uncertain times with Michelle Badillo. An amazing woman, health coach, mom, and entrepreneur who shared her ideas and advice to get the best of our daily routines.

During the conversation with Katherine –one of our founders– we addressed three main topics that you’ll read in short.

Which tools do you have to overcome this unexpected time?

I breathe. I don’t know where I would be without breathing. I practice different methods that I have learned from diverse techniques, including breathing exercises from Pranayama Yoga. Is very important to apply them to my day-a-day. I also practice yoga.

What are the benefits of practicing yoga and meditation?

There’s a connection between the body and the mind. If you do yoga and practice meditation, but you’re not eating healthy, it’s not going to work for you. You have to do them all! I suggest people find a place to be with themselves and do it all. It will help you to develop your intuition. 

Meditating will help you to reduce stress. Also, in those moments of weakness (when sadness hits us), this practice will remind you of your purpose in life, “why you’re here right now”.

What are the benefits of eating well?

Many! Currently, there’s this trend about celery juice and golden milk, which is turmeric with pepper and milk of your preference. There are doctors like Joe Dispenza that are advocates on healthy lifestyles. He explains that genetics are affected by our lifestyle, that only 5 percent of our genes are inherited. 

The goal in our lives is to reduce inflammation, and those superfoods help us to achieve that!

Would you share other advice for our goddesses?

I have this mantra, “I am enough”. I recommend repeating it when feeling low. Also, to learn to appreciate what we have and be grateful. Sometimes we’re in automatic mode and we need to be present, accept who we are, and not over complicate ourselves. We need to remember that there are good days and bad days as well.

To get all the deets, check out the whole interview in the link below.