Andrea D Angelo

This time in Lives with a Mission, we had the amazing opportunity to talk with Andrea D’Angelo. Founder of Chinese Medicine School Tao Vital and specialist in multiple alternative therapies to improve people’s lives.

She shared with us how powerful flowers can be for our souls and how important are complementary therapies, especially for patients with a cancer diagnosis.

Bach flowers, what is it? And who is certified to work with these?

Bach Flowers are a series of natural essences used to treat various emotional situations, such as fears, loneliness, despair, stress, depression, and obsessions. They were discovered by Edward Bach between the years 1926 and 1934.

To work in this field, you must prepare at the Bach house and be certified.

“Different flower essences are used for different purposes.  The formula will be different for each patient”

Healing through Biomagnetism, acupuncture, music therapy, and aromatherapy

Acupuncture is extremely important to complement cancer treatment,  it helps to give the patient quality of life. Activates the body and the immune system.

Another alternative is Biomagnetism, which regulates our PH and eliminates microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria.  This therapy can be performed if the patient will not take radiotherapy.

And finally, Andrea invites us to connect with our mind, body and soul by stimulating our senses with music, and aromatherapy.

If you want to learn more and hear the full interview, check out the link below.

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