Lives with a mission: Ari Blik


The purpose of Lives with a mission is to come into a space for everybody to disconnect from the routine and to reconnect with our inner power and our inner Goddess, to inspire and empower all women that are facing life obstacles and help them be whatever they want to be. One of our many approaches is combining artistic mediums that reflect Goddess Society’s essence, and that's how the "Lives With a Mission" initiative was born.

“Lives With a Mission” is a series of live events we will be hosting on our Instagram account to continue spreading loving energy to our community. In the first event, the amazing performer and artist Ari Blik, use our channel to share her music and good energy.

The songwriter shares the same mission and vision as Goddess Society and she talks with our founder Raul Storey about her vision and career:

What’s your mission in life?

My mission in life is singing and expressing myself through music, we have to do whatever we love the most.

I would never stop doing music, singing is my safe space and it takes me back to touch my roots and beginnings, when I am feeling down my voice doesn’t come out that’s why it’s important to be thankful and happy while singing.

What inspires you to write your music?

I like to cover women’s music for them to feel empowered and supported by their other artists, it makes me feel good to observe the scenery for the energy to flow more smoothly because, in the end, we are the energy that we project. 

Do you think going through different emotions is crucial to create the perfect love song?

Of course, yes. I believe it is fundamental to go through breakups for us to experience heartache to create music related to love, it is a great factor for growing as a person.

I used to love singing  “Young and Beautiful” by Lana del Rey because it’s a song that shows the importance of unconditional love and that no matter what happens the energy always comes from within.

Now, take a set, relax, and enjoy our first Lives With a Mission session with Ari Blik.