Jesica Vivas

Every mother is a caregiver, but when life throws you a curveball it can get a little rocky. As long as you decide to live everyday with happiness and love, and keep present that we are all learning as a team it won’t be as tough a road.

This time on Live With A Mission we connected with a Goddess, and warrior. Jesica Vivas is the beautiful, strong mother of two. Ivana, her firstborn was diagnosed with a very rare cancer at the age of 16, and fought the good fight for seven years. She spoke to us about her close encounter with Cancer, and what she was able to learn from her experience.

During the conversation with Raul –one of our founders– she answered four powerful questions that we have summarized for you.

What did you have to look for on your own without guidance from doctors?

Doctors guide us as far as they can. There are many things that due to our beliefs and experiences we don’t care for and we need to learn about them. 

We are the strength. Yes, the illness is in your body, but the strength of your soul and desire to live is the strongest medicine. What you must care for most is your heart, your thoughts. Have a will to live and do everything that makes you happy.

Happiness nourishes your cells more than any chemo

What are the benefits of practicing yoga and meditation?

There’s a connection between the body and the mind. If you do yoga and practice meditation, but you’re not eating healthy, it’s not going to work for you. You have to do them all! I suggest people find a place to be with themselves and do it all. It will help you to develop your intuition.

Did you and Ivana have any experience with support groups?

I didn’t have that experience. What we did have was a lot of psychological help. Ivana had a great team made up of a psychologist and psychiatrist. She did everything to make me happy and so she never shared her anguish, but when she went to the psychologist, she showed a new face. She was finally able to let off steam.

We moved to Miami after a while, and we had a hard time finding a good support team.

When you’re not comfortable, keep looking until you find that person who you feel really helps you.

Do you have any recommendations for people who are also caregivers?

Always care for your attitude and way of life. I always hold my mom’s phrase close to heart.

Happiness is in your heart. I was always happy and I passed that on to Ivana everywhere. Always be happy. There were days when my sadness showed and I had a hard time getting my happiness out. But on those days I’d look for my red lipstick and I’d paint my lips and I’d look radiant, there was no sad face anymore!

Always encourage your patient.

It is not the disease, nor the treatment that will cure you, it’s about being happy every day.