Franci Blanco

“Lives With a Mission” is a space to disconnect from the routine and to reconnect with our inner power and our inner Goddess, to feel inspired and empowered while facing life obstacles and help you become whatever you want to be. 

On this episode of “Lives With a Mission” we connected with Franci Blanco who talked to us about her journey into finding mediation and yoga in her life before she guides us through a beautiful mindfulness meditation practice to help us reconnect with our inner goddess and tap into our inner power to conquer the world. 

Tell us a little bit about you and your journey

I used to work for a wonderful company that allowed me to realize I loved working with nonprofits and volunteering. After a while, I left my job and focused on teaching meditation and yoga and got my teacher training in India. 

I hosted fundraisers for nonprofits and I volunteered with when I was traveling in Asia and realized that the reason maybe I decided to run away was because I was burnt out. 

Tell us a little bit more about meditation and how someone who is not close to it can become familiar and get motivated to try

The really exciting thing about meditation is that you're sort of rewiring your brain. Instead of allowing ourselves to go into the autopilot reactivity of waking up and grabbing our phone right away instead, you can start to appreciate life more. 

When you start to practice meditation it’s training yourself to see that you're thinking thoughts and that you don't have to add more memento to them, you can see them and choose to either go down the rabbit hole or detach yourself from the energy of the thought and instead stay in the present moment come back into your body and appreciate what you have around you. 

If you're easily distracted don't focus so much on being strict with yourself. Start with something small and let yourself feel as if you're practicing meditation. Little by little it will start to build up. 

It's like you're training a muscle, the muscle of your mind, take it to the gym! 

After this beautiful talk, Franci guides us through the beautiful Mindfulness practice she prepared.