Paradigma – A Collection Devoted To Change And To Empower The Divine Feminine

On October 8th our first collection “Paradigma” was launched in the heart of Wynwood, Miami. Surrounded by the company of creative people, friends of the brand, and loved ones, we gathered together to celebrate this big milestone.

During the launching ceremony, we meditated with the sound of mystical vibrations provided by Norge Jiménez, enjoyed breathtaking visuals by multidisciplinary artist Miki Humo, and enjoyed healthy and delicious snacks. We also had the support of Spotdly Square, Wynwood Studios, XYZ Unedited, and Ana Karyna Kanvas.

As we believe that spirituality and self-love are key for a healthy and fulfilling life, the two-hour event was dedicated to nurturing our body and soul. 

The name of our collection was inspired by change, the duality of new and old emerging into new experiences and realizations. Paradigma is about finding an authentic path in life and empowering people going through adversity such as a disease or something else.

The turbans, made in high-quality fabrics and astonishing designs, want women to feel more connected with themselves and invite them to bring out their wisdom, divinity, and strength, especially for cancer warriors or other goddesses with conditions like alopecia or high-degree burns. 

With the intention to inspire, the evening was more than a showcase, it was a multi-sensorial and immersive experience.

We want women to feel accepted and welcomed in a community that embraces uniqueness. Turbans are a symbol of femininity. Is a piece of garment that represents Goddess Society’s core values. 

At the end of the gathering, we were united into the greatness of one divine mind. We vibrated together and expanded beyond this reality while showing this precious product done with love.

Check our event’s Live transmission on our Youtube Channel and the pictures in our Facebook Page. Get inspired by the essence of divine power. 

Support the change you want to see in the world. –Goddess Society.