What it's your definition of a Goddess?

This is the only brand that's ever actually
breaking paradigms on the turban market.
A mission that is worth it!

The word 'goddess' has too many definitions to be confined to a single meaning, but here is our attempt at summing one up: A goddess is a wise woman who dances in harmony with giving life and receiving love. She has thoroughly explored her inner world and has learned to value herself. She knows that her motivation and attitude towards life reflect health and beauty in her countenance. She is divinity, life, strength, and gratitude. 

This brand was made for her.

Goddess Society emerged to support women who have lost their hair due to cancer, alopecia, or burns, with high-end headpieces inspired by the wisdom and inner beauty in each woman. Goddess Society's mission is to motivate women to connect with their inner goddess and enter into their true beauty—that power source that propels her forward and makes her feel confident and bold.

These turbans fuse fashion and wellness to break paradigms and nurture the soul.

Bridging passion with purpose, this brand is the beautiful result of a partnership between fashion designer Katherine Cordero and oncologist Dr. Raul Storey. Both propose to support women most affected in their self-esteem. Since not all are willing to shave, ​​Katherine and Dr. Raúl's idea is that each woman who wears a turban helps another who has experienced hair loss. Every time you purchase a headpiece, Goddess Society donates a percentage of the profit to First Descents, a similar organization providing life-changing outdoor adventures to those impacted by health conditions. 

Goddess Society's founders note the versatile potential of their turbans. Dr. Raúl's use of them in her practices inspired Katherine to create a sportier line of beanies for men and women. Her vision is to demonstrate how a turban can be a functional accessory for different occasions and scenarios. Whether in a gala, or everyday activities, or on a casual walk on the beach or in the mountain, a turban can protect you from the sun's rays, support a good cause, and solve a bad hair day.

Join the Goddess community on Instagram at @wearegoddesssociety to help promote healing, loving energy.

Goddesses — May we know them; may we be them; may we support them.